If you were a fan of Darksiders 2, you’re probably aware that the first DLC being released for the game is called Argul’s Tomb. Those of you who bought the Collector’s Edition of the game received a code to redeem so that you could get it for free. You likely also received the code early and were able to download the content prior to the release date this week. I was one of those people, and while it means I played through it without being able to earn any achievements, it gave me the opportunity to play through the DLC and give you guys my opinion of it.

Argul’s Tomb is based around the tale of Argul, who was the Dead King before the Lord of Bones betrayed him for the throne. Argul gets his power from his tomb, and Ostegoth has asked Death to hunt down this tomb and destroy it. In order to complete this DLC, you will need the Voidwalker and Death Grip, but very little else. The enemies are not so tough that you have to have completed the game in order to succeed, and up until the boss of the DLC, there is really no genuine challenge. The environment is purely ice-based as are the enemies you encounter, but there is plenty of loot to be had.

The puzzles in the dungeons are fairly straightforward, and none are very challenging. If you’re not a fan of the portal puzzles, then you likely will not like this DLC as it relies heavily on it. The actual DLC consists of two dungeons and a “sidequest” which is really just picking up a Gorehammer (one of those guns that shoots explosive shells and obliterates anything in your way) and following a linear path through a cave. There is very little content to this DLC, but if you’re looking for a new environment and boss fight for Darksiders 2, you may find it worthwhile. It will only run you 560 MS points or $6.99 on PSN or Steam, so in comparison to most DLC, it’s a little cheaper, but the content will likely only last you somewhere between an hour and three hours.

The final boss is fairly fun to fight, but like the rest of the puzzles in the DLC, it’s not very challenging. He can deal out a ton of damage in a short amount of time, but he’s fairly easy to dodge and his pattern is easy to identify. In his defense, he’s pretty awesome looking, although once you defeat him, it doesn’t really tie up much of the plot.

Score out of 10: 6

Plenty of loot within the DLC
Gorgeous environments
No bugs or glitches

Not very long
Enemies and puzzles are not very challenging
No clear end to the DLC

If you like Darksiders 2, you’ll likely at least find Argul’s Tomb mildly entertaining for the brief time you play it. However, if you got it for free with the Collector’s Edition, you’ll be far more pleased afterwards since you didn’t have to pay for such a short DLC. Hopefully Vigil is working on a bigger, more impressive piece of DLC to wash the mediocre taste of this one from our mouths.