‘Resident Evil 6′ Update Will Bring Welcoming Changes

Capcom announced today they will release an update in mid-December (no final date yet) for “Resident Evil 6.” This update is essentially free DLC and will include:

  • New camera adjustments
  • More language and subtitle options
  • Optional co-op partner for Ada Wong’s story line
  • No Hope difficulty setting

Though I was not really bothered by it when I reviewed Resident Evil 6, having the option to adjust the camera angle farther back similarly to the camera’s distance in “Resident Evil 4″ and “Resident Evil 5″ is welcoming because it really helps me when I am trying to view my surroundings, especially in a survival-horror game.

With the subtitles options, you can mix English audio with subtitles from another language. However, Capcom  did not say which languages would be available for the update.

If you are disappointed that Ada Wong was a lone wolf during her story, you will now have the option to play cooperatively in Ada’s story as a soldier. Though no frontal pictures were shown for the partner, the soldier’s attire strongly resembles past Resident Evil character HUNK. Of course it could be a random soldier, too. Ada’s story line will also be playable immediately if you have not already played through Leon’s, Jake’s and Chris’ campaigns.

Co-op partner is set up against the wall on the left

Coincidence… maybe.

Was Professional difficulty a cake walk for you? With the new, tougher difficulty setting No Hope, you might want to buy a few spare controllers in case of raging.

What do you think of this update? Are you happy with these free adjustments? Will this prompt you to play “Resident Evil 6″ again? Analog Addiction would love to know in the comments section.