Vergil’s Downfall DLC Not Available Until End of February

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For those gamers out there who have pre-ordered their copy of DmC and received their Vergil’s Downfall DLC code, some of you may be wondering why you cannot access this content. I know I was, with many people also expressing these same queries throughout the internet. This is because the content is actually available at the end of February, no set date as been announced but this word comes from Capcom themselves.

Vergil’s Downfall will provide players with a brand new chapter which follows the untold events of Vergil, Dante’s twin brother. The add-on content will provide hours of gameplay, four difficulty levels along with the brand new story, weapons, combos, enemies and locations. Which will cost 720 Microsoft points / £7.20 / $11.10 Aus / $11.73. Though the Samurai Weapons pack is available to download right now.

Although never stating the exact date of release, many assumed that the DLC would be available on launch day, confusing many fans with the DLC incentive to pre-order. With one fan stating “They should’ve been clearer with that in the promos. They said it would be available with pre-order. Clearly it is but not until next month “. Last week it was announced Bloody Palace Mode would be available as free DLC shortly after release.

Should Capcom or Ninja Theory for that matter, made it clearer? Technically they never said it would be released on launch day, but their advertising certainly has left fans confused and disgruntled. DmC was released earlier today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with the PC version coming on January 25.

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