Epic Games has released a brand new trailer tailored towards multiplayer in Gears of War Judgment.

Similar to the singleplayer video of “The Guts of Gears,” the multiplayer video once again has Baird going over specifications of the game.

The video starts with regarding whether or not Team Deathmatch will return since it first appeared in the series in Gears of War 3. For those pondering fans, it will make a return in Judgment.

Grenades can now be thrown without winding up for close quarters combat. There are also three new members to the grenade family: the Sticky Grenade, the Beacon Grenade and the Stim Grenade.

As it sounds, Sticky Grenades stick to enemies by simply lobbing it onto their body where it will then explodes like traditional Frag Grenades. If the person stuck can reach you in time, they could kill you with their own grenade, so caution is key.

When tossed, the Beacon Grenade launches a radius allowing you to see opponents behind any objects to inform your team of where enemies are located. After all, knowing is half the battle.

Last but most certainly not least, the Stim Grenade is used to heal teammates. Not only does it slowly heal, but it can also revived downed teammates.

One of the newly revealed fire arms in the trailer is the Markza, a medium-ranged semi-automatic sniper rifle with 10 shots in its chamber and an attached scope. In the video, it seems to kill players with merely two shots, but sacrificing the zoom of the original sniper rifle.

Two new multiplayer modes include Free For All and Domination with both sounding like what you would expect. Free For All is an every-man-for-himself deathmatch where you fight several other players solo while Domination consists of two teams trying to control three different areas on a map for as long as possible.

Players can now jump – to an extent that is. If you find yourself wanting to jump down to an area where your teammates are getting mowed down with no barriers holding you back, simply walk off the edge and you are there.

OverRun, a new multiplayer mode combining Horder with Gears of War 3′s Beast mode, pits five COG players against five Locust players.

Those playing as the COG will be divided into four specific classes. The Engineer fortifies defenses and builds turrets while, let’s say the “Supplier,”  throws ammo and other essentials for teammates. The Medic has the ability to throw Stim Grenades to heal teammates while the Scout can scale walls and throw Beacon Grenades for enemy whereabouts.

Judgment will have a reward system depending on your level skill. Earning rewards is done via Prizeboxes, which contain anything from more XP to characters skins and weapon skins. In order to acquire Prizeboxes, you need to collect as many ribbons as possible, stockpile those kills and of course, level up.

One other notable feature shown near the end of the trailer is while using meatshields, it seems you may now use assault rifles in addition to pistols.

What did you think of the new trailer? Do you like the fresh features of the multiplayer? Do you think some of the weapons seem overpowered (*cough*likeIdo *cough)? Is it perhaps a bit too soon for a new entry to the COG series? Let us know in the comments section below.