The New PlayStation Eye Uses Some Of The Same Technology As Kinect

In a respectful nod to Kinect’s unbelievable fiscal success, Sony has chosen to develop its own motion tracking device – the PlayStation Eye. Sony isn’t new to the concept of camera peripherals, with the PlayStation EyeToy dating back to 2003. Still, it’s undeniable the similarities between the Kinect and what we know and have seen from the new iteration of the PlayStation Eye – including possibly the same internal motion tracking device.

A source for Analog Addiction revealed that the PS4 will be using a ZCam instead of the more traditional single-lens camera they previously used. This not only goes to prove the PlayStation Move will be tracked even more accurately, but that the motion tracking capabilities of the PS4 will likely be on par with the Kinect.

The new Eye features two cameras, with a resolution of 1280×800, and four microphones with an 85-degree field of view – as reported by With both of these improvements the PlayStation 4’s new Eye peripheral will offer an even more impressive level of accuracy – as proven here by Media Molecule. Sony has confirmed facial login to be a feature for the Eye, and while they haven’t confirmed any voice control option it stands to reason it’s viable given the similarities between the new Eye and Kinect.

An interesting thing to note: Microsoft acquired the ZCam assets in 2009, so either Sony was able to come to terms with Microsoft in using the technology or it developed its own version. We are unable to confirm which is true; but Sony is proving it’s not just tacking on motion controls to their devices as a selling point, but to be legitimately supportive of the technology.