Breaking Down the First Trailer of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’

Whether it was intentional or not (probably not, since only on Monday were we supposed to get our first glimpse on it), the world premiere trailer of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ has been leaked online, and we have decided to give you a full break down on it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out below.

The trailer begins with Edward Teach (famously known as Black Beard) talking to some fellow citizens in what appears to be a tavern. He gives his “honest” opinion on “this new captain” (who is our rumored protagonist, Edward Kenway), ranking him as one of the “deadliest scourges in these seas”, and promising adventures and prizes for anyone who would scour the seas with him.

After that, we are treated with our first look at Edward Kenway, who is “inspecting” what would be his latest conquer.

The ‘Black Flag’ can also be seen, featuring a skull in the middle of our usual assassin sign, which does bring up the question: are the assassins on the pirates’ side from the very beginning, or are they forced into taking more “illegal” actions?

Preparing for the fight ahead, our newest assassin seems to be packing a lot more heat than past assassins, as we know seem to have access to 4 guns at a time, and 2 main swords.

After this, the action takes it up a notch, with Edward boarding an enemy ship, which, according to Black Beard, is a Spanish one. It was a no-brainer that the naval combat would return, seeing how popular it became in ‘Assassin’s Creeed III’, and this may also indicate that now, players will be able to freely choose whether they want to destroy enemy ships from afar, or board them, and personally kill everyone on it.

Edward easily kills 4 people using his 4 pistols, after which he seems to defeat another one using a broken wooden plank, which could indicate a more complex combat system, using more of the environment as a weapon. Finally dual wielding is back, as our new assassin uses both his swords in combat.

Now the next part is the most interesting, because it features something we haven’t seen so far in the series: underwater exploration. This new gameplay mechanic could allow players to explore underwater caves, sunk ships, and it may even feature some kind of underwater combat, as I’m sure sharks were, and still are present in the depths of the seas.

Captain Edward Kenway is said to know his way around pretty much any situation, as he’s seen taking a walk with (I presume) one of his crew members, while his ship, and rest of the crew are taking a break, ambushing what appears to be a Spanish expedition (notice one of his men is standing hidden on the right side), and visiting the local brothel (again, I presume there is one) when he would want to relieve some stress.

We also get a first look at one of the new cities. Obviously, ships will play a big part of the game, so ports will always present a pivotal role in the life of a pirate “sailor”.

The iconic hidden blade makes a return, as Edward kills a man, seemingly rescuing the woman near him in the process, as she doesn’t seem much bothered that she is now in the company of our new assassin.

That is all for now lads, but by the powers, keep up with us for more booty as this newest entry in the series develops.