Avengers #13 Review

Avengers #13

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Mike Deodato

With the sudden appearance of the High Evolutionary, this spells trouble for the Avengers. Hickman once again shows his extensive use of the library of heroes Marvel has with his inclusion. It just makes sense for someone like the High Evolutionary to take advantage of this new world and situation that the Avengers find themselves in.

This situation proved to be a great catalyst for diving into Hyperion’s character. Last issue we learned that Hyperion fears what is inevitable for all mortals and wants to cherish life no matter how different it may be. He wanted to show these kids that they have a purpose even though they are not like everyone else. They have the opportunity to cherish life and answer a higher calling. But of course with 4 of the kids taken from him he is thrown into a frenzy because he feels that he’s failed.

The bond between Thor and Hyperion is the one thing I came to like most so far. Both gods who are able to see the bigger picture. As this world is turned upside down, they are able to understand it and adapt to it easier given their difference from everyone else. We see conviction in Hyperion, and it’s never been stronger now that he has something worth fighting for.

As usual the art is the one thing that stands out most in this book. Between the realistic nature of every character spotlighted, and the back and forth between vibrant colors and those that are a bit faded for different effects.

Score: 9.1/10