The Bounce #2

Written by: Joe Casey
Art by: David Messina

An interesting issue to say the least. Can’t say that I follow everything at the moment, but it’s still something different which is good for when you find yourself bored with traditional heroics. Joe Casey has surely made a character you probably have to warm up a bit to. Like someone who you would dislike due to his attitude, but love him when he puts on the mask.

It’s still a solid issue for only being on the second, but it surely does leave you with a lot more questions than answers by the end. I was a bit disappointed that it’s still taking a while to get any real idea of what this story will be about. There are many directions this story is taking that when you get through them all you don’t feel much from them. It feels as if Casey is rushing a bit to flesh out the story when the focus should really be on Jasper. I want to know what he is capable of and a reason to really care about his character as a hero and person. Hopefully that will be focused on soon, but right now it’s something the book is lacking when it’s so early in its development.

Aside from this the art remains solid, standing out is the comic book style the other world brings. Still unclear what that world is but both the design and layout of it looks very unique to this book. This includes those negative effects that show the transition from this world and the real world. In the end the issue leaves you feeling a bit unsatisfied, but it still has potential if the story can be more condensed.

Score: 7.4/10