Batwing #23

Written by: Jimmy Pamiotti
Art by: Eduardo Pansica

As the newest member of the Bat Family, Lucas has proven himself to be the standout hero. As a new hero in general, Jimmy Palmiotti shows that he is able to handle one who has expectations to live up to. He also shows his understanding of Batman because on the surface, everyone in a position like Lucas has to be able to act the part while having those very distinctive traits.

What’s worth pointing out is that like every other hero who has their start, Lucas is finding out how hard it is to make that transition when his own family works for Wayne Enterprises. In his case it is a more difficult situation because his family isn’t the most stable and give him a lot of grief. It’s that kind of tension that makes this story engaging because what you don’t get too often is that tension built from having to balance two lives. Most heroes today invest more time in their alias, but Lucas doesn’t have that option right now.

This issue shows how exciting Batwing can be on a street level, and street level is what need to see more of from a hero like Batwing. Along with his witty dialogue, sarcastic nature, and approach to heroics, it should be an interesting tale as he tests his metal. Just like Nightwing or Batgirl, this is one that is worth picking up because it’s just thrilling to see how Batwing will pull himself out of each danger he faces. It looks serious, but at the same time it’s one that has fun with the tone. That’s what you get from the use of fine penciling that really shows the detail in the characters and the environment.

Score: 8.2/10