X-O Manowar #17

Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Lee Garbett

Aric is definitely about to be tested as a worthy king to his people. Facing the threat of a world he does not understand, his past, and loyalty of his own people, this is truly something building up to a moment worth anticipating. Venditti has done well in showing just how any person would react to a world/time different from their own, and their ignorance to the threat it brings. There’s no diplomacy, no restraint either, Aric is starting a fight he may not be able to handle.

You come to understand Aric’s character a but better in this issue when you see the flashback of what happened to his father during the 4th century war. A proud warrior who gave his life for his people. When trying to live up to someone like that, give the power of the sentient X-O Manowar armor can make a person such as Aric hard to control when having that mindset. It delivered on characterization which you can tell is setting him up for Valiant’s crossover event, Unity, when it takes place. We see what he wants to achieve, what he wants to be, and his conviction that makes him so dangerous to the rest of the world. His skills as ruler are now being put to the test, and the result will set off a chain reaction that will lead to a big confrontation.

You can really tell that there’s a difference in worlds when you see how Volo and Tammus go from the fields to a modern setting, seeing Markets and food openly available while they drag their feet in the dirt to work for their own food. Aside from this you see how well all the characters are drawn, and how much detail is put into Aric’s X-O Manowar armor when it comes on and off. Things are about to get intense and given what we have seen so far, Lee Garbett should be able to deliver on the graphic nature this story is about to take on.

Score: 8.6/10