The Walking Dead #115 Review

The Walking Dead #115

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Ron Garney

This is war. Three words that described most of this series, but more importantly what they face this very moment. This issue is more about preparation and everyone making their decisions final on taking the fight to Negan. Everything has been leading to this moment, and while dragged on to some reader’s displeasure, the story is finally back on track.

What this issue delivered on was putting Rick back into a more comfortable position, despite feeling overwhelmed. This is the position he has played well since the very beginning and when that wheel starts turning in his head, just about anything can happen. We don’t know what to expect and that is what we should feel right now to be taken by surprise. This is one of the few series that thrives off of shock value and does well for it.

Of course this doesn’t stop things from going wrong at the last-minute. That much is always expected and that is what we got here at the very end. The one person you could have guessed to turn on them did, and while predictable added to that sense of unpredictability that will come of the next issue. They feared casualties, well that will more than likely come now and Rick hope to god should have a back up plan if he thought everything through. There just can’t be room for errors like this when it’s a possible scenario.

Score: 8.2/10