Thor God of Thunder #14

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ron Garney

The Accursed: Part 2, The Wild Hunt has begun and Malekith the Accursed continues his bloody rampage across the Nine Realms. He proves to be a match for the best out there the Dark Elves have to offer and he doesn’t play by the rules. This is a truly twisted villain who will serve to push out God of Thunder to the limit.

The company that Thor finds himself in is what you may find most interesting so far. Thor finds new allies to aid him in the chase being a Dark Elf sorceress, gun-toting Light Elf, gargantuan Mountain Giant, dwarf who loves dynamite, and a troll. Here we have the League of Realms, Asgards response team to act more diplomatically than Thor’s brash plans. They are quite the, uncanny team so to speak. All so different that they will more than likely find trouble amongst themselves as they all want Malekith’s head at all costs. Pride, ego, and so much more is prominent and you find them all likable which is a plus for Aaron.

This will be another book to remember as it has started strong and continues to astound with how few punches Jason Aaron doesn’t pull. Ride till Malekith is dead, or they are, that much is enough to describe what we can expect from the rest of this story. He has committed the most atrocious crimes and will answer for them. There’s so much potential for this story and we are only on the second part. Thor God of Thunder remains the must read book for Marvel NOW! and is one you are recommended to read even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Thor.

Score: 8.6/10