Blockbuster Next-Gen Pre-orders May Be Saved After All

Last week the film, TV and game rental retailer Blockbuster Video announced its reentering into administration and with it, the cancellation of all PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders. However, it has been revealed today that you might be able to save your pre-order.

Blockbuster is working with Sony and Microsoft to make sure these pre-orders aren’t lost so the company is asking those who pre-ordered to fill out an online form which tells them which console and bundle you pre-ordered and whether you did it online or in-store.

Interestingly the form doesn’t show any way of knowing if you indeed DID pre-order with them in the first place but it does require a genuine Blockbuster membership card.

However, this form will only last until 11:59pm on the 7th of November which gives you just over 24 hours to save your pre-order.