‘Frozen Endzone’ Beta Begins in November

Mode 7, creators of the indie hit Frozen Synapse has announced they will be opening an exclusive beta to the public for their next title Frozen Endzone.

Frozen Endzone allows players to design a play to get their teams ball into their opponents endzone, and combines provides the strategic depth fans of Frozen Synapse enjoyed. Endzonewill include an elegant interface, original gameplay, simultaneous turn-based gameplay, randomly-generated terrain, full single player season and various multiplayer modes, all situated in a thrilling futuristic aesthetic.

The beta itself will begin by the end of November and will feature several multiplayer modes, including randomly-generated single player challenges, a full soundtrack from nervous_testpilot and players who purchase the beta will receive the full version when it is release in 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux, as well as a free key to give to one of their friends.