All New X-Men #18 Review

All New X-Men #18

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Stuart Immonen

For the first time you can actually say they are the All New X-Men. Up to this point you kinda questioned the title give that they are still the original from the past, but now they have a new set goal and their connection to the rest of the X-Men is all but shrinking as they find their own path.

The transition between the ending to Battle of The Atom and this was well executed. It is the best outcome for the team considering what they came to the present to accomplish. Bendis needed to get them away from the masses and set them on their own to show their importance to this point in time. Not to mention the focus of this book in general needed to be turned back to them. As for the new costumes? Stuart Immonen made some amazing changes. I like it. Anyone can joke about it, but as professor X once said, different meant individuality, and as far as this looks with the different colors that is how they stand out. The black and yellow felt too classic for this time period. It is a welcome change when considering they are acting more as heroes in a world that is a lot more tolerant of mutants than they were used to in the past. They look like a team and still as individuals at the same time.

The relationship between Kitty and Illyana is why many would say that them going with Cyclops was a great idea. There is a lot more interactions to occur which doesn’t feel either predictable or as if those like Wolverine and Storm are holding their hands.

It was about time that the relationship between Scott, Hank, and Jean was fleshed out. Luckily the style in which Jean reads minds is executed a lot better after the event of Battle of The Atom. It also looks great as well seeing how an event occurs and then they take it back to see what she is thinking or reading at that moment. It’s even better that we see how Jean’s indecisive choosing between the two is driving them both away from her and each other. Something which should have a lot of influence over future events.

Simple and good jumping on point for All New X-Men which sets them on a new journey. They are on their own now with the aid of Kitty and together they have a lot more potential than they did at the Jean Grey school. With the focus back on them we can now address things that were forgotten when the issue of sending them back to their time was still a concern. Good things are coming for this team and we all know what that means for those who kept track of the next event to unfold for this team.

Score: 8.8/10