PSA – Spy Thriller ‘Clandestine’ Infiltrated Early Access

Danish independent developer Logic Artists has announced its latest title – Clandestine – is now available for purchasing as an Early Access title. “Set in the mid 1990’s, Clandestine offers players a globetrotting cooperative stealth experience, solving a Post-Cold War agent conspiracy in the role of field agent or a spy,” reads the game’s official description. Customers can buy Clandestine for 26.99€/29.99$/22.99£, and doing so will earn them free access to the game’s first downloadable package.

“We’re so excited to launch Clandestine on Early Access so that we can start gathering player feedback and incorporate that into the final version of the game,” said Jonas Wæver, creative director at Logic Artists. “We know that players will enjoy this unique asymmetrical cooperative gameplay and look forward to hearing what they think!”

Although Clandestine is a story-driven game, future players shouldn’t fear potential spoilers, as Logic Artists has included four Challenge maps to experience the core mechanics of the game, in addition to introducing three playable game modes, including Cleaner, Smash & Grab, and Exfiltrate. What’s unique about this latest asymmetrical third-person stealth-focused title is the inclusion of the Spy and Hacker characters.

As spies, players has a selection of weapons to equip, including three pistols, two ammo types (Lethal, Non-lethal) gadgets and grenades, two outfits (Tactical Gear, Low Profile – civilian outfit), as well as a lock-picking option to help infiltrate secure areas without calling attention to themselves. On the other hand, the hackers have the ability of accessing security cameras, bribing guards, hacking security doors, arranging dead drops of ammo and health, guiding the Spy through intricate mazes, alerting the Spy to nearby danger and generally providing instructions about what is going on outside of the Spy’s visual field.

Looking at Clandestine‘s trailer and screenshots, the first thing coming to mind is Splinter Cell. Does it play like that? I’m not so sure, but keep it locked to us, as I’ll be soon making my own way to its Early Access version and see for myself.