Willem Dafoe invades Rabbids Land

The Nintendo Wii U’s online service includes a nice function titled “Miiverse Communities”. MCs are basically group chatrooms, created for each and every bit of software available on the Wii U, including NetflixNintendo Land, and the rest of the videogames available.

One of those games is Rabbids Land. I know nothing of the game in question, and if I were to look at its Miiverse Community, I wouldn’t be any more informed. That is because almost every single thing posted on that particular Miiverse is about America’s finest actor and resident orc, Willem Dafoe.

Yes, you heard that right. Taking the lead from Destructoid Reviews Editor Jim Sterling’s obsession with the Spider-man(2002) and Boondock Saints actor, denizens of the Miiverse have taken to the digital streets and have begun plastering the walls with facts and drawings of Willem Dafoe.

Really, when you get down to it, is there honestly a better use for this Miiverse Community? Who in the clydesdale riding fuck is going to be having discussions about Rabbids?!!