Wait, what?

I was perusing N4G for current gaming news when I came across this article about a game console called the OTON. The OUYA I covered earlier promised open source development, something incredible in its own right, but the OTON is promising something futuristic enough to make me question whether I’m awake or not. The OTON, created by EnGeniux, is making a promise to provide free, randomly generated videogames to the consumer.

“OTON will be able to self-create games instantly within minutes without human input. No drag or drop requirements. Do you want to play a new 2D or 3D action game instantly? OTON has you covered! How about a new racing game? Or a new 3D alien shooter game? No problem, OTON can do it!” states the console’s website.

The console is also a projector, not requiring a television to play it’s randomly generated games.

This sure is something incredible to think about, if they can pull it off. I’m more cautious of the randomized variables being more superficial than actually deep and game changing. It would be cool to generate new games every day within set parameters, but a 2d space shooter with blue characters and a 2d space shooter with red characters aren’t different games.

We’ll just have to wait and see.