Microsoft and Epic Game have released a new preview for their upcoming title, Gears of War: Judgement.

Microsoft and Epic Games have released a new Gears of War: Judgement preview titled  ”The Guts of Gears.”

This preview introduces a lot of the new content being put into Gears of War: Judgement with the popular Baird explaining each aspect being introduced in the game.

Starting off the preview, Baird narrates how he and his fellow member of Kilo squad must protect humanity against the Locust horde.

We are then shown optional missions that are playable throughout the campaign called Declassified Missions. These explain how certain parts of the story “really went down” as Baird puts it. These challenges have you only using specific weapons and fighting tougher enemies. Getting the highest points possible is relevant in order to achieve three stars in your mission’s rank. Three-starring a Declassified Mission will also unlock characters, armor skins and “something special” that we won’t know about until the game’s release on Mar. 19, 2013.

We are then introduced to the Smart Spawn System (or S3). Each time you replay the campaign, the enemies that may have spawned the last time you played will likely not appear again, so you have a different experience with which enemies you fight each time you play the campaign.

A new, tough enemy called the Rager is introduced as well. If this foe is not killed quickly, he becomes vicious and transforms, making him stronger and tougher to kill.

Following the Rager are some of Judgement’s new weapons. These new weapons include the Breech Shot, which is like a hybrid between a shotgun and rifle with only five shots per round for mid-range combat. The Sawed-off Shotgun returns as well, but it has two shots in its chamber this time around. There is also an unidentified weapon, but it appears to be some type of grenade launcher. You can also use any basic weapons with the Boom Shield. If you want to pick up a Lancer and use it with the Boom Shield, go right ahead.

Defense Dynamic Scenarios appear throughout the campaign, which is like Horde Mode where you hold off against enemies in a defensive spot. It’s a lot like Gears of War 3′s Horde where it brings tower defense into the mix where you will defend your post with helpful defenses such as laser gates and movable sentry  turrets.

The preview ends by introducing the one who is presumed to be the main baddy of Judgement. Apparently this guy is the most dangerous Locust yet.

If this sweet preview of Judgement doesn’t entice you to purchase the game at launch, maybe this will persuade you; early copies of Judgement come with a free download token for the first Gears of War on Xbox’s Games on Demand. As someone who has played through the first Gears of War‘s campaign multiple times, I must say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Be warned though. If you live in Germany, you will not get the download token for Gears of War due to the game’s rating restrictions when it launched. Bummer.

What are your thoughts? Does the new preview motivate you to buying the game? What about getting the first Gears of War free with an early copy of Judgement (sorry Germany)? Maybe you think it’s too early for more bromance? Let us know in the comments section.