Rumour – Single-Player DLC for Tomb Raider Inbound

An unidentified source has uploaded the following images on a few websites, potentially teasing an upcoming single-player DLC for Tomb Raider. Are these images linked to an actual story-driven campaign, or are they simply new skins?

Last month, Crystal Dynamics’ Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart said that the developer has no plans for single-player DLC – “There are currently no plans in place for any Single Player expansions.”

It’s also important to note that these images clearly depict Lara’s new outfits in the single-player portion of the game. In addition, Stewart said that “there are currently no plans [for single-player DLC]“, not that there won’t be any in the future. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it’s more than obvious that players have enjoyed the single-player campaign far more than it’s multi-player counterpart, so who knows?