Superior Spider-Man #8 Review

Superior Spider-Man #8

Writer: Dan Slott
Cover Artist: Humberto Ramos

This issue was pretty disappointing to me because of the confrontation between Otto and the Avengers. The best thing about this issue was Otto seeing the trouble he caused when he tried to destroy the world and realizing the anomaly in his brain is Peter, but the Avengers missing that it’s not Peter in his brain is a letdown. I would think that with them knowing that Spider-Man is Peter that they’d have some way of knowing when his mind isn’t his own, though like Otto said the ones who performed the scans on him weren’t the smartest of the bunch to make the connections.

As I stated previously, it was great to see Otto be confronted about his attempt to destroy the world. Though Cardiac still doesn’t know he was talking to Otto, you could see that Otto really felt that he screwed up and really was able to see the probable consequences of his actions. Not to mention we go back to his soft spot for children and seeing that girl in the bed as he was about to take the one thing that could save her life was a powerful moment for him. Even to see that his past actions influenced another supposed villain to be a hero.

For a while now the biggest complaint about the series has been Peter’s side conversations as he tried to take back control of his body. But, as all things come with patience, Otto has now realized that Peter is still up there and has been pulling his strings when he didn’t agree with his actions. It was a nice twist, though now that they both are able to recognize each other we can feel that there will be a fight for absolute control rather than Peter trying to expose him. It was a good issue, but just good at best. There wasn’t much to say that could make this issue stand out among the others, but it did well enough in setting the stage for something bigger to come.

Score: 7.5/10