Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: John Paul Leon and Steve Pugh

In this issue of Animal Man #20 we are taken through Buddy’s acting career as he watches a movie he starred in called “Tights”. Despite the fact that Buddy’s life is basically in shambles, if Lemire was making a transition to how he picks himself back up, it wasn’t handled too well in this issue. The story fell flat because it in the end it felt like a filler story. We understand that he is an actor and star, but there was little care for this when it was just a documentary.

It could have just been their way of showing what he was capable of as an actor, but it wasn’t very necessary. He has gone to hell and back, lost everything and we saw this as his apartment was a mess. They did succeed in showing that he misses his old life, though moving on to him actually having that chance to take it back immediately would have sufficed.

Compared to the previous books, the artwork was very weak. The difference between the cover art which was vibrant, and then the interior art which came off dull was significant. Much of the appeal was already lost with the story, and the artwork left little to keep you going.

Score: 6.6/10