Retro Studios May Reveal Their Game in the Coming Months

In an interview from the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine, Nintendo’s Hiro Yamada said we could hear something from Retro Studios on their exclusive Wii U game.

The interviewer from the magazine asked Yamada what game is Retro – developers of the Metroid Prime series – making? Yamade said, “I wonder what kind of game it is? I hope to introduce it to you in the not so distant future.”

There is always a possibility it is a fourth entry to the widely popular Metroid Prime series.

As the developers of Donkey Kong Country Returns (the 3DS version under development by a different studio), it could also be “Donkey Kong Country Returns 2.” Maybe even “Donkey Kong Country Returns… Again?”

It is also possible they are rebooting another series. Star Fox? Please?

Although Nintendo announced they will hold a smaller conference compared to previous years during the upcoming E3, there is a strong possibility Retro’s game will be presented there during the event in early June.

What do you think it is? Is another Metroid Prime? Perhaps the next Donkey Kong Country? Maybe there are rebooting another series, or even working on their own IP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.