Superior Spider-Man #9

Writer: Dan Slott
Cover Artist: Marcos Martin


This issue marks the long-awaited confrontation of Doc Oc with what remains of Peter Parker in his mind. For a long time there has been a split reaction about his return being the voice in Otto’s head that he couldn’t hear. Yet faith in Slott’s ability to give the fans what they want was shown again. Now that Otto figured out Peter still exists in his head as memories, the final fight begins for complete control of the body, “Amazing Vs. Superior”.

The dialogue between the two was nothing short of amazing with how Peter not only called Otto out on everything that he has done up to now, but for forgetting what he promised when he took the mantle Spider-Man. Most would have expected that with his time as Spider-Man he would have learned what it meant to be a hero, and given that one chance he squandered it just to be what he believes to be the more Superior. When Slott said that this book will change the course of either lives, he delivered on by doing the unthinkable and killing the very memory of his uncle and others he lost which were only memories. They all shaped who he is today and just losing an inch of this fight with Otto will have repercussions in the near future if he makes it out on top. It does end on a cliffhanger which more than likely ended in Otto’s favor, but this is the excitement that Slott is able to generate with his writing.

Score: 8.5/10