Iron Man #9

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Cover Artist: Greg Land

Gillen continues Tony Stark’s adventure as he is still on the hunt for 451. Seems like a slight skip through time as he’s with the Guardians when he decides to continue his hunt, something that could have been explained yet wasn’t. This leads him to a dangerous planet called Hope’s Pustule, where he asks for the aid of the one person who tried to kill him back on Voldi, Death’s Head.

What’s interesting about someone like Death’s Head is that what he does is only for the money, never personal. You would’ve expected him to at least be aggressive towards Tony for what happened on Voldi, but he was persuaded very easily through payment for his services. Services which proved to be humorous when he was really paid to deliver Tony to 451 by 451. Tony failed in realizing that he hired a Mech to hunt for another Mech, and Gillen gave subtle hints to this throughout their conversation aboard the ship.

One thing to point out is that most readers would go into this book expecting the story of Tony’s “secret origins”, yet this all instead lead up to it starting at the very end. Though it was an interesting twist to see that 451 actually knew Tony’s father and has some connection to him through a plan that took a long time to execute.

Score: 7.6/10