Ultimate Comics X-Men #26

Writer: Brian Wood
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson


In this issue we continue as we reach the boiling point of what has been inevitable since the mutants claimed Utopia. Wood made it a slow climb to this point, but it was well paced to put everyone where they should be for the conflict to come. Though we still have not reached that climax of the story, we see the pieces falling into place as James is actively working with Mach Two, General Ross gave Kitty the option to turn over Utopia peacefully or be removed by force, and Jean taking a side.

If there were two things that stood out most throughout this series, it’s Kitty needing to solidify her place as leader of the mutants and preparing for the inevitable war to come. This is her moment and everything she worked towards is on the line as she not only is dealing with the army, but the rebel mutants and Jean Grey. It was Jean who we finally see make her move as she now wants Kitty to succeed. Up to that point she hated Kitty because she believed that Utopia was no better than Tian. What her end game is after she does her part is unknown, but just by striking the army, even with an EMP, she could start up a fight that will no doubt end in violence. Overall we still don’t know what to expect when so many have their own agendas, but that is what Wood accomplished which makes you want to know how it plays out for each side.

Score: 7.3/10