Hulk And The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #1 Review

Hulk And The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #1

Written by: Joe Caramagna

This was basically the beginning of the story, taken from after the conflict between Banner and Red Hulk. What we see now is Rick Jones trying to show the world that the Hulk isn’t a monster and that there’s nothing to fear. Which in turn helps his friend who locks himself away for everyone elses safety. It’s something different which was expected going into the book though all the Hulks, plus Rick, seemed very out of character. Around this same time in the actual book Rick is not only much older but he acts a bit more mature than what we see here. At the same time Hulk has control of his rage and in this state it’s hard to tell whether it is really him or Banner speaking through the monster. Red Hulk was less aggressive and fearing as he usually is and Skaar seemed more barbaric than he really is, even after his initial encounter with Earth in the main canon books.

For what it is it’s a solid book, maybe not for the big Hulk fans, but for the younger audience who enjoys that light-hearted action from the Green Goliath. It has a decent story and is building up to this eventual team of Hulks forming.

Score: 6.4/10