‘Star Wars: Battlefront III’ Gameplay Livestreamed on Twitch

The force seems to be strong on Star Wars Day with the live streaming of Star Wars: Battlefront III, an already cancelled sequel to the franchise.

Earlier today, Twitch user PtoPOnline, a site hosting streamings of pre-released games, betas and cancelled projects,  hosted a live streaming of gameplay showcasing Star Wars: Battlefront III gameplay, which may be viewed here and here.

The hour-long stream of the gameplay shows several different components such as piloting ships, fighting as Rebel and Imperial soldiers and playing as Jedi such as Yoda.

Within the past year, Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis was heading up Battlefront III and said before it was cancelled, the game was 99 percent complete and in its bug testing phase.

Honestly, the fact that Free Radical is the same developer behind Haze, a poorly reviewed exclusive PlayStation 3 title, combined with this livestream gameplay footage showcasing the game at “99 percent completion”, perhaps it’s best they put this game put to sleep to prevent it from further suffering.

But what do you think? Did this stream show you the game was more than ready to hit store shelves? Is it understandable why this game was put down? Are you like me and still want the game? Let us know in the comments sections below and have a happy Star Wars Day!