Dark Horse Releasing ‘Mass Effect Library Edition’ this Month

Dark Horse comics is releasing the Mass Effect Library in case you missed out on the comic books.

Titled Mass Effect Library Edition Volume 1, this book includes the Mass Effect comics EvolutionInvasionRedemption and Homeworlds. Additionally included are the one-issue side stories IncursionInquisition and Conviction, which were all originally  featured on USAToday.com, MySpace (I know, I didn’t realize it still existed either) and Dark Horse’s digital store respectively.

This massive hardcover book weighs in at 416 pages and will be available on May 15 for $59.99. You may also pre-order the book at Amazon to get $20 off the original price, but you will have to wait an extra 13 days to get your hands on it from Amazon.

I just hope the Reaper invasion doesn’t happen before then so I can have the chance to read this colossal book.