Avengers Arena #9

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson


In this issue Hopeless reveals the secret behind Katy, or shall we say Katy and Tim. The one thing he has done right is keep us guessing what’s going to come next and I can say this wasn’t expected. So now we have the cowardly yet innocent Tim, and we have what is now revealed as the murderous Katy that has hid her secret well for 2 years as she stuff her brother in her head. The positive about this issue is that it makes you question where you stand with your sympathies. They were a shame to their parents and hidden away for years to protect their families name. Up until now Tim has been dead, a distant memory of a plot by his sister to rid herself of her “weak half”.

Then we go back to the main story and the question of everybody’s morality because Hopeless was able to put them in a situation where they actually had to vote to kill someone. That’s something most were unwilling to do and the one thing on everyone’s mind is “Where do we cross the line?”. It was one thing if it was Katy back in control trying to kill them, but Tim was in control for the first time in 2 years and he is nothing like his sister. What we got here is that by choosing not to play Arcade’s game they have only really set themselves up for failure. Failure that resulted in Chase’s removal from the group,  Nico who seems to have lost a bit of blood being attacked by Death Locket, and Juston who is now dead.

What has been delivered so far is that it’s not just murdering of young adult heroes. There is a story and a reason for everything occurring which as we can tell will be unravel as time progresses.

Score: 8.4/10