Uncanny X-Force #4

Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Cover Artist: Kristafer Anka


We continue here as X-Force pursue Bishop who is still after Ginny. Again there is emphasis that Bishop isn’t alone in his head and whatever it is that manifested itself in the form of a bear is corrupting him. It was a short-lived engagement between the two, kinda expected a little more out of that confrontation that might give clues to who it is controlling Bishop’s body.

Not too much happened overall, there just seemed like there was too much going on at once to really enjoy what was happening. When Bishop took Ginny, I couldn’t really feel that sense of loss from Spiral. Despite her story of how the two met, the connection just didn’t feel as though it were there. Even when Psylocke confronted her afterwards it didn’t feel as though there was much to understand about how Spiral felt. Then we have what is going on with Cluster and Fantomex. Their side of the story felt a bit out of place despite them looking for Psylocke, there was no feeling of care for what’s going on between the three or their motivations.

With that said, it still put them all in the right place for what’s to come next, even if we don’t know exactly what that is. We see whatever that is controlling Bishop is now doing the same to Ginny and has a lot more control over her powers than she did.

Score: 7.6/10