Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Cover Artist: Jheremy Raapack


Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 shifts the center of attention to Batman. Here Tom Taylor gives us the fallout of the events that followed after Nightwings death at Arkham Asylum. Just like in the game we are now seeing what created the world ruled by Superman. He has now taken what he believes is justice around the globe and has put a stop to all acts of war or violence. In this issue the president has called for Batman who has brought Catwoman along with him, in order to discuss what has to be done about Superman before he goes too far.

It was a great idea to pair Catwoman with Batman when they confronted the President because she understands the world better than anyone. Despite everything that is going on around the world, Catwoman is able to see the real problems that start with the civilians. The families, homeless, less privileged, those who fear the world around them. The message was very clear, “You need to do better”. Here the president is asking for Batman’s aid, yet this is something which could have been avoided if he had done his job right as a leader. Now because he failed, Superman is taking over the world by force.

So now what we have here is the set up for the fight to come. The line has been drawn and Batman has picked up those who are likely to join him and his cause. Solid issue and good pacing like the previous.

Score: 8/10