Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: David Marquez


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23 still follows the fallout of Mile’s mothers death. It’s been a year since he wore his mask, and even after such a span of time he is still affected to the point where he can’t bare the thought of her. He has cut all ties with other superheroes, S.H.I.E.L.D., Gwen, and MJ. Right now he is trying to live a normal life and forget anything that would bring back the pain of loss.

Miles is shown to look more mature now, taller, and is now a bit more focused on normal things like girls. Enough so that he was prepared to tell the girl he liked that he’s Spider-Man. Bad move, though hard to argue with when he’s trying to make a change in his life. His father still seems like he’s trying to pick up the pieces as well though he still looks like a mess seeing how he has stopped grooming himself.

Like the note left to Miles, the question to be answered soon is how many will die before he takes action again? And who else must get hurt because he let this drag him down so far? Peter Parker did make it a point that he would never let anyone die while he’s saving the day, but even failing to do so this was never something that he let discourage him. If anything those he lost made him stronger, in fact made him the hero he was. If Miles is moving in the same direction, it should be very interesting to see how he further develops as he finds closure. If he really wanted to be Spider-Man, this would be believed to be that defining moment for him.

This was another emotional issue, and leads into more issues that might leave you with the same feeling. Something that Spidey fans are very familiar with.

Score: 9.3/10