Injustice: Gods Among Us #19

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Kevin Maguire


Injustice: Gods Among Us #19 takes us through this change in the world from Billy aka. Shazam’s point of view. Previously we were able to see how street level rogues like Catwoman saw this situation and how she was against Superman’s actions. Now we have the perspective of not only a kid, but everyday people as well. We got every side of the argument between who’s right and who’s wrong. The overall question this issue posed is “Who is right?”, and Tom did an excellent job portraying this.

For those that played the game, Billy was the first of the heroes to question his own judgement on the issue. As he stated himself, he may have the powers of a god, but underneath it all he is just like everybody else. He spends most of his life as Billy and thus is able to see things that the other heroes neglect. People suffer, people hurt, they are caught in the midst of a struggle between forces they cannot comprehend. They praise the coming of this new world order, they fear it as well. The price for freedom of the corrupt, only shows to pave the way for something worse to take it’s place.

Tom already shows how the heroes are taking things a bit into the extreme. Stripping Black Adam of his powers and nearly killing him because of how vulnerable he became. There is a line to be drawn and for those like Billy, he’s losing himself and can’t help it. Another solid issue that addresses the problem as it progressively becomes more intense.

Score: 9/10