Red Lanterns #20 Review

Red Lanterns #20

Written by: Peter Milligan

Art by: Miguel A Sepulveda


Red Lanterns #20 is really frustrating. It’s like watching that group of jocks you hated from your high school, trying to solve a math problem together. What I mean by that, is that reading this issue was angering (causing what some might call ‘rage’) because it showcases a group of character that cannot develop; they do horrible things, and don’t seem to learn from them. I don’t need a character to be from earth to feel ‘human’, but I foresee the addition of Guy Gardener to this book as something that’ll benefit it.

After such a great story from Green Lantern #20, I expected the repercussions to hold some of that spark in this issue. Unfortunately, the only aftermath of Wrath of The First Lantern is Atrocitus killing one of the last Guardians. This event doesn’t draw any pathos from Atrocitus, save for the fact that he has finally gotten his revenge. The pay off isn’t really there, so I can only assume his “well, now what?” moment will come in future instalments

Rankorr, who represents the deadlock the Red lanterns are faced with, shuts down what finally felt like a step forward at the end, when Atrocitus suggests he uses his rage for good. Contrary to Johns and Bedard’s heartfelt send offs, Milligan’s last issue leaves me wanting more, for all the wrong reasons.

Score: 5.8/10