Analog Addiction’s E3 2013 Predictions

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is gaming industries Super Bowl, with 2013 providing an greater spectacle showcasing the next generation of gaming. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will both figure heavily in the events proceedings, with many game announcements, confirmations and possible release dates possibly in the works. With this in mind the gaming staff at Analog Addiction have banded together like the super-team they are, to provide their own 5 personal predictions for the event. Avengers watch-out.

This will be Analog Addiction’s first major coverage of E3 and the one year anniversary of our existence, so without further ado here are predictions listed below.

Jamie Briggs (Editor-in-Chief/PlayStation Editor)

1) Uncharted 4 will be announced and shown during Sony’s press conference.
2) A Halo related game will be revealed for Xbox One.
3) Rainbow Six: Patriots, Prey 2 and The Last Guardian will all be absent from E3 (Footage, Screens, Announcements).
4) The Next Fable game will be announced.
5) inFAMOUS Second Son will be present during Soy’s press conference, in the form of an extended gameplay demo.

Jaime Sifontes (RPG Specialist)

1) Final Fantasy Versus XIII becomes Final Fantasy 15 and it will only be on PS4.
2) A new ‘Banjo’ game will be announced by Rare for Xbox One.
3) Freedom Wars (Vita) will be announced for US/EU.
4) PS Vita will receive a price drop.
5) Planetside 2 and ‘Everquest Next’ will be F2P titles on PS4.

George Sinclair (Chief News Editor)

1) Naughty Dog’s new IP will be announced, but it won’t be Uncharted.
2) The Last Guardian will be announced as a PS4 launch game.
3) We’ll get a worldwide release date for the PS4.
4) Quantic Dream’s new game will be announced.
5) Insomniac will have a PS4/XBO game.

Nathan Manning (News/Features Editor)

1) Microsoft’s conference will not feature a video game as its first reveal.
2) Sony will provide PS4 pricing for US
3) Microsoft’s conference will feature two performance items that no one in the room, or watching, will care about (cough *Flo Rida last year* cough).
4) Sony will forget to talk about Vita again at their conference or talk about it for less than 10 minutes (not including how it connects to PS4).
5) Less than 5 third party games announced or shown at E3 will be coming to Wii U.

Vlad Pintea (News/Review and PC Editor)

1) Remedy will announce Alan Wake 2. MAYBE, it’ll be an Xbox One exclusive, though I doubt it.
2) Sony and Microsoft will announce PS4′s and Xbox One’s respective price, release date, and Sony will, of course, show the PS4′s “body.” Both release dates will be world-wide, and will be set around late November. Also, due to its history, Sony will price the PS4 at 350$, this being the basic pack.
3) Ubisoft will reveal a new Prince of Persia game, alongside Beyond Good and Evil 2. Both next-gen, of course.
4) Sony will reveal Uncharted 4 (or even a reboot of the series), a new God of War game (it will definitely be a reboot), The Last Guardian (now for the PS4, as a launch title), and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which will be a PS4 exclusive.
5) Finally, EA will announce Mirror’s Edge 2 at Xbox One’s conference, and Microsoft will probably boast how its console will first receive the game’s DLC packs (which will contain, of course, only multiplayer maps, and I’m saying multiplayer because I believe that Mirror’s Edge 2 will be miles bigger than its predecessor, and WILL include a multiplayer mode).

Hugh Simmonds (Senior Editor)

1) Release date and pricing of PS4.
2) inFamous announced for the Vita – not being made by Sucker Punch but they’ve helped (you know the normal spiel).
3) Rare announce new Perfect Dark game exclusively for XBO.
4) Rocksteady unveil their new game – a new IP for PS4 and XBO.
5) Sony show more of Vita-PS4 connectivity.

Eric Pepper (News Editor)

1) Both Sony and Microsoft will announce prices, concrete release dates, and as usual, take some jabs at one another.
2) Microsoft will have Rare showcase a Banjo Kazooie or Perfect Dark game as one of the exclusives to be released in the first year of XBO.
3) Usher will be nowhere near any of the conferences.
4) Sony and Microsoft will unveil new inFamous and Halo games respectively.
5) There will be no mention of the Wonderbook.

Michael Troina (Nintendo Editor)

1) Nintendo shows the Big 3: Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart U, 3D Mario U, Wii U pre-orders go up.
2) Microsoft goes deeper in it’s Halo series TV but leaves Halo 5 alone.
3) Sony obviously shows us the system along with a new IP.
4) Rare is working on Killer Instinct, considering it’s main guys who made the Banjo series are gone.
5) There is no winner this conference is about games and games. Sony will show more Gaikai Xbox One will show more TV-integration features.

Robert Key (News/Features Editor)

1). When Nintendo shows Super Smash Bros. 4 (ERMAGERD), they will reveal you can customize your characters on the 3DS version and then transfer them to the Wii U version.
2). Rare, one of the greatest developers ever in my humble opinion, will reveal that they are finally making a legitimate game for the first time in years. It will either be Banjo Threeie or Killer Instinct and it will launch for the Xbox One, exclusively.
3). Activision will release on exclusive title on the 3DS titled “Call of DuDogs + Cats.”
4). Sony will reveal the price of the PlayStation 4 to be $400 for the cheapest model and $500 for the other bundle. The second bundle will include all of the gadgest and gizoms necessary for Move alongside one of the launch titles.
5). “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” will be announced for PS4 and Xbox One.

Rob Gisbey (Senior Editor)

1) The Last Guardian will be shown, probably for next gen.
2) Quantic Dream will show off their PS4 content.
3) Rare will announce a new Banjo Kazooie.
4) Next gen consoles will be dated but not priced.
5) Square Enix will embarrass and disappoint everyone.
Bonus Tip: Naughty Dog will announce an Uncharted racing spinoff entitled ‘Unkarted’.

What do you think of our predictions? Better yet, what are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below.