X-Men #1 Review

X-Men #1

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Olivier Coipel

The long awaited X-Men book has finally come! X-Men #1 has delivered an exciting new journey for this team as they now face a threat that may very well be the end of the world.

For an intro, it was very well done between the narration and the dialogue between the heroes. This is the first time most have really been together in the same book, and Brian Wood was able to make it feel natural. The general consensus was that it was an all female cast for the sake of it, yet that was far from the case. For a while now the X-Men have been thrown into chaos as Wood narrated through Jubilee, and for the first time you feel like this is X-Men at it’s core.

The biggest risk with this book was the fear that not all the characters would really stand out, and this was something Wood was able to balance. Sure we heard him say that there would be a balance, but it’s hard to really accept that unless you actually have the book in your hand. Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Rogue & Psylocke all felt like a well oiled team, uninfluenced y the events of either Uncanny X-Men/Avengers or All New X-Men.

Now we are left with questions. Can they truly trust Sublime? How is Jubilee’s control over her vampire form since we last saw her? And what does Arkea have in store for the X-Men now that she has a suitable body to launch her attack? All of course will be answered in time, but it creates that much excitement for this new series. It’s a fresh new take, different, and that’s something we like to expect from Marvel NOW!

Coipel’s art for the book as well fits the story. The facial expressions from each character was well done. As women you feel as though there’s nothing really making that statement which is a good thing. The flashy poses and what not are unnecessary and for the good of the book not there, something to appreciate about Coipel’s art direction.

Score: 9.1/10