Uncanny X-Force #5

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Adrian Alphona and Dexter Soy

It took till the fifth issue, but Humphries has now given us a chance to explore what really happened to Bishop. In the previous issue, Bishop’s mind was finally free of whatever snatched his body and brought him to the present. But now that same person has left his mind a mess that will continue to fall apart to leave no trace.

Being a time traveler from the future like Cable, Bishop has been through it all and seen it all. It’s no wonder someone like him was able to survive so long on his own which is something that Storm questioned. To even feel a sense of regret for trying to kill Hope, losing what he considered his family because he thought he knew what was best. What has been expected since the first issue is that this would be an emotional tale, something we do see as everything falls into place.

Now we know that Bishop is a changed man. Was on a path to atone for everything he has done in the past. As we know he was corrupted, but now we also know it’s because of the Queen of the Revenants who had been waiting to use his body for some time. The question now is if they were able to save Bishop in time.

Though at the end, yet again, I’m baffled as to the importance of the Cluster, Fantomex and the evil one.

Score: 8.1/10