Venom #35 Review

Venom #35

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Declan Shalvey

Night of the Symbiote Slayers! Venom #35 continues as he not only has to fend himself against Toxin, but a symbiote slayer who has now spread his seed to create many more that pose a threat to him.

Again Cullen shows how both Thompson and Brock come to odds as both think themselves to be the hero. We know that Brock is a hero, but to someone like Brock who has experienced the true terrors the symbiotes bring, he believes his cause to rid the world of them makes him the real hero. And the stakes grow higher as they even take this debate into a school, a place where both probably should never be given the state they’re in.

It was a nice change to see them team up for a change. Of course they still hate each other, but they’re still driven by the same goal to protect the innocent. The one thing about Eddie’s story that really is interesting is that unlike everyone who has been infected by a symbiote, he controls it all on his own, his willpower saves him. He has shown that he will use Venom for good and do so to his last breathe, and is willing to throw his life away if he lost control. That’s what a hero does, and that is the character Bunn has been trying to create.

Score: 8.4/10