Update: Jeff Strain has now confirmed State of Decay will release June 5 on Xbox Live Arcade, confirming the release date on the Undead Labs website.

Original Story: Jeff Strain of Undead Lab has said the studio is aiming to release the upcoming zombie title State of Decay on June 5.

Why is June 5 a “targeted” release date you might be wondering? According to Strain, the zombie title is still going through certification for publication on the Xbox 360. Strain explains the game has to go through “several hundred” different tests such as what happens if a controller is suddenly disconnected in the middle of play and other little niches.

In order for a game to pass, it must prevail through different playthroughs, tests, run properly and ultimately, must be playable.

Assuming it passes the trials and tribulations to acquire certification, State of Decay will release on the targeted date June 5, which is on a Wednesday, the day Xbox updates their catalog.

If State of Decay does not pass certification, Undead Lab will push for every following Wednesday until it’s released.

Although it is still under a developing stage, State of Decay will also release on PC, but there is no official release date as of now for the PC version.