Black Bat #2 Review

Black Bat #2

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Ronan Cliquet

Black Bat #2 takes us further into this modern take of the pulp hero. Tony Quinn, the former mob lawyer driven by the opportunity to make up for his past mistakes. Here he begins his campaign against his criminal former clients, and he must save the police from a mysterious captor. Black Bat definitely feels like Daredevil except more reluctant towards violence. It’s an interesting take on his character because you expect him to be a bit more aggressive knowing what has been done to him and what has been taken from him.

Buccellato wrote a solid issue still on the path of his origins. For the most part this is a progressive plot which was aiming to fill in the blanks with some flashbacks about how Tony Quinn lost it all and became the Bat. Some parts of it you do have to read twice to understand, but when you did you were able to feel submersed within the story. Cliquet’s style is very clean and he is able to make you feel like the story actually takes place in the 1930′s. What stood out most was his use of shading and shadows since most of what Black Black does is at night being blind.

This story proves to be full of mystery as you explore his character, the plot which is still unfolding, and the woman helping him. Better yet the question at the end is if he’s willing to kill in order to get the job done?

Score: 8.2/10