Age of Ultron #9 Review

Age of Ultron #9

Written by: Michael Bendis
Art by: Brandon Peterson


Hard to say what occurred in this issue wasn’t predicatble, but sadly that’s just how it was. Wolverine who has been the center of attention for some time now seeing that he was wrong to mess with time. Now going back to fix the mistakes he made. We all kind of knew that this had to happen, but Bendis disappointingly dragged it on all the way to the second to last issue. Where the story was supposed to be focused on Ultron and what he did to the current timeline, it took till now to get back on track as to how important he is to the central plot. Until now, it just seemed Bendis was more focused on portraying the consequences of messing with the past. That could be something we could have taken out of this story either way, but it didn’t need to take up so much time.

The problem that I’m seeing at the moment is that is feels as if the story really has meant nothing rather than a series of events that lead to the final moment that really counts. Everything that has happened in the past has literally seemed as though it was all filler that held no true purpose or importance to the end destination. Normally you’d expect the journey to be just as important as the destination, yet here that just wasn’t the case. Issue #10 might be what everyone anticipates, but at this point that looks to be all that will be remembered from this series.

The one redeemable part of this story was Wolverine’s death by his past self. That was something that didn’t really click with me till they actually said it had to be done in order to avoid a paradox. Aside from this, we can only hope that the last issue delivers.

Score: 6.7/10