All New X-Men #12 Review

All New X-Men #12

Written by: Michael Bendis
Art by: Stuart Immonen


Giving us another reason why the original X-Men need to return to their time. Saint Jean is at it again in this issue. And while this goes on, Mystique continues her spree of crime along with Sabertooth and Mastermind. Bendis has shown to be able to handle the many situations the X-Men face as they turn out to be very layered.

I will say it felt a bit dry to again see the hate thrown at Wanda for what she did to the mutant race. I mean at this point you feel like it’s in the past and even for how bad her actions were, it’s been addressed and she has been slandered for it. Then while we know Bendis is trying to create that divide in perspective on Cyclop’s actions, this issue had shown a lot of hypocrisy from the other side. Whether on purpose is unsure, but you’d have to hope he has a way of making the argument from both sides equal. Aside from this it was a redeeming moment to see young Cyclops meet Havok, it was a well executed brotherly moment.

What Bendis continues to provide is that split view on the fight for mutant equality. Between whether Cyclops is right in his actions, to the Avengers allowing Wanda on her team, to the original X-Men’s involvement in this. I might also add the emotion that drives this series, though mainly coming from Jean’s lack of control of her emotions. At first it was having control over her powers, but now it’s her being able to accept everything that has happened to the X-Men and knowing what all the effort she put into the effort had shown.

The one thing that remains consistent is the use of heavy colors and inking. Also the shading too which makes many situations feel more serious, something that you should feel given the problems the X-Men face right now. Though some expressions were off, it was those from Jean especially that stood out because of the emotion it had to display and you surely felt it from her.

Score: 8.2/10