Avengers Arena #10 Review

Avengers Arena #10

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Riccardo Burchielli


Every decision has a direct consequence for it whether good or bad. In the case of those who decided not to kill Katy last issue, that was the worst move they could possibly make. Hopeless shows that he is willing to throw every punch and they sure did land in this issue because you sympathize with these teens who really are lost at this point.

Once again, Hopeless has shown us what he is willing to put these teens through in this game. Where they could have had a chance to stick together and find a way out of Murder World, they now have no choice but to fight for their lives. Not against each other, but against the one person thrown into the game who is actually a monster. Someone who not only is able to manipulate most of the weapons everyone carries, but now has Death Locket at her command, and a very powerful Sentinel as well. There is no fearing what one another will do to each other when they turn their backs because now they are being hunted.

Nico, one of the purest of heart next to the students of Avengers Academy made the ultimate sacrifice. Being the only person who could stand up to Katy because of her magic and fought back valiantly to keep the others safe. Did so even after seeing how battered X-23 was when she was chucked at them like a rag doll. Once again answering the question “What line are you willing to cross to keep your humanity?”. Who knows whether she’s really dead or what that spell really did, but one things for sure, Nico died with her humanity. And while that may make her feel better dying, that’s not the same attitude the others should have when their time comes.

What you come to enjoy from this series is the amount of detail put into the environment by Burchielli. And everything pops out be it injuries, like Nico’s, and how well he makes it look like a game overall.

Score: 8.4/10