Superior Spider-Man #11 Review

Superior Spider-Man #11

Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Christos Gage

Superior Spider-Man, No Escape: part one, is that point where we find out if Otto is as superior as he believes himself to be. Slott continues to show why this Spider-Man is different in every way. We have seen him at his lowest, and we have seen him when he has the best of intentions. Now is the time where he has his defining heroic moment. Not just because of the image he has created for himself, but because his permanent solution for these villains didn’t turn out so permanent. I mean you don’t really try to kill someone and not have them try to get you back for it.

Yes he may have brutalized villains as we saw many of them in critical condition, and would have killed them as well given the chance. But, he did what had to be done. He reacted in a way that “he” would react in that kind of situation. Even so to sit there and make sure that the Spider Slayer got the death penalty. Slott is definitely showing that he is willing to let him cross that line and that’s a perspective that we should be lucky that is being explored. Otto is proving to be the next step in the heroic think tank, questioning what needs or has to be done to create solutions, instead of burying it to only resurface.

What the next issue has in store for Otto is questionable, but if he is able to give Spider Slayer such a hard time without much effort, then who knows if the others who are now restored can handle him.

Score: 8.4/10