E3 2013: More on ‘Drive Club’

Every car has 250,000 polygons within it. That number is just staggering and yet it is a completely factual statement about the upcoming game ‘Drive Club.’ On top of that already lofty achievement, the developers have set out to find the perfect balance between simulation and arcade racing.

Within ‘Drive Club‘ there is a “Challenge” feature which will allow you to take a race you just completed and send out a challenge to not just your friends, but everybody and invites them to try to beat your time on a particular event. There are also comparisons and challenges the game will issue you straight from your friends list, but those challenges are reportedly based on your personal skill level and may not necessarily pertain to the race time. It can be anything from a drift length or pulling a doughnut somewhere during the race, both of which will also earn your club more fame.

There will be a certain degree of customization allowed to the vehicles you drive, at least to the extent of placing decals and changing the paint of your car. There was no concrete number of different decals or images you can place on your car, but the developer made sure to stress they wanted clubs and drivers to be able to make their cars look unique and stand out from the crowd.

The difference between Drive Club Plus and Drive Club was also clarified although some specifics were kept secret. Drive Club Plus will be available on day one for PS Plus users and will allow them to download the game for free, complete with all of the different modes the game has, but there will be a limit on the number of vehicles and tracks available to use. The number of cars and tracks that would be available were not announced, but letting users play the game for free and get a feel for it without purchasing the whole thing seems to be a recurring theme with next generation consoles. Drive Club will be a launch title for the PS4.