Worlds’ Finest #13

Written by: Paul Levitz
Art by: Robson Rocha

Similar to a series like Firestorm: The Nuclear Man, Worlds’ Finest attempts to go for that bronze age era fun in comics, with zany villains, over the top action and of course, buddy cops.

Because Power Girl and Huntress have been set up in earlier issues as more layered characters, this superficial approach doesn’t seem to work for the characters, and it’s as though the series is being diluted to a simple team up book with no real depth.  Worlds’ Finest #13 has its charm, but it doesn’t overcome the fact that this book is halting the development of these characters.

The cuteness of the book comes from the interaction between Karen and Helena. They discuss life-threatening events in their new home, sipping coffee. It feels almost like a sit-com at times, how they make little jabs at each other, even though the stakes of their lives are so high. Still, anytime I get to see superheroes in costume drinking coffee, that’s a plus. Hats off to artist Robson Rocha for selling the comedy.

The visual gags don’t end there. Here we have the duo fighting a gigantic dog. If Levitz kept the plot as thin as it was, and didn’t add in the last-minute element of Karen doubting the level of her powers on the new world, I would have enjoyed the book as pure popcorn fun.

The zaniness doesn’t end with giant dogs. The villain, Desaad, is so stereotypical, that he’s incredibly unthreatening. Beyond sporting a hood, and looming from what seems to be a cave, Desaad poses no real emotional threat to the characters at this time.

There is a lot of so-bad-it’s good, goofy moments in Worlds’ Finest #13, but with their integrity proven in earlier appearances, both Power Girl and the Huntress deserve something better in the DCU.

Score: 6.9/10