Injustice Gods Among Us #22

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Mike S. Miller

A very intense issue this week. Tom Taylor has managed to find a great balance between action and storytelling. So far the storytelling has taken importance and every moment is well executed and paced. Aside from the fact that some might find the story predictable if they played the game. Tom Taylor still threw in a twist we don’t expect.

The events that have occurred with Kalibak attacking Earth to take advantage of a supposedly “defeated” Superman was a great change in the stories direction. As I have said before this is a progressive story that has it’s points of transition with this being one.We want to see what will most likely be the driving force for Superman to keep at this aggressive stance. It was a very nice touch to actually see Tom Taylor thrown into the story. It’s not something you notice immediately but he’s there as a regular person. While nothing too big, just something worth pointing out to those who have read this and missed that little bit.

Overall it was another great issue by Superman’s perspective. Even with Batman not in the issue it was still fun to see how easily he can affect the team with his “doubt bomb”. The artwork is probably the best it has ever been thanks to Mike Miller. Between the smooth colors and the design of every character.

Score: 8.3/10