ADVANCE REVIEW The X-Files: Season 10 #1

The X-Files: Season 10 #1

Written by: Joe Harris with Chris Carter
Art by: Michael Walsh

When TV shows live on in comic book form it absolutely delights me. Because whether or not the comic is bastardizing you favourite characters from the show, or elevating them to new levels, you get to decide whether to completely ignore it from continuity, or add it to your love of the series. The X-Files: Season 10 #1 is the latter. It honours the tone and themes that the series nurtures, while building on the complexities of Agents Mulder and Scully.

If this issue is any indication for the future of the series, each installment will be paced like an act of the show. This stick to form is where the series gets its nostalgic magic. We begin with an eerie scene in which Scully is scurrying away from hooded threats while desperately trying to make a phone call for help. It maintains that chilling cold open from the series, while delivering on the scary goods at the end, without dropping trou.

A lot of the fun in this issue comes from Agent Mulder himself, who Harris writes so spot-on, that I can hear David Duchovny voice making the Bill Bixby reference in my head. My only complaint about the issue’s plot is that the end retreads a little to much of the intro. But that’s just being nit-picky.

The art from Michael Walsh captures a 1950s  tone, to match the Roswell conspiracy-era theme of the series, delivering pulpy visuals and creepy characters. My favourite illustrations on Walsh’s behalf come from the establishing shots for each scene. Between the children playing outside and the “Blake” house at night, those little touches bring me back to the original series.

For old fans looking to get their X-Files fix, or comic fans who never delved into the series, The X-Files: Season 10 #1 is an accessible read that manages to rekindle charm and curiosity of the show. Dare I say it, The X-Files: Season 10 is the  best licensed book IDW has on the stands.

Score: 9.0/10