Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Dave Marquez

A bit of a step backwards as Miles is till Spider-Man no more. Not backwards in quality but the pace was slower. The pacing of the story as a whole has been enjoyable because this is all about him becoming Spider-Man and going through what many other heroes deal with at the beginning to rise to the occasion. It shows overall that Bendis understands Peter and what he has to instill in Miles before he can become the hero everyone expects him to be. His use of Gwen has been very helpful, especially in this issue because she serves as that crutch for when Miles has lost his way or doesn’t know what to do next.

While it was exciting to see Cloak and Dagger in action, it does raise questions as to their purpose in this story when the focus is on Miles finding out if he still wants to be Spider-Man. It kept things from reaching that point where you want Miles to suck it up yet you hope that they weren’t just introduced in order to make a point to him that the world needs him. Aside from this it was a great retelling of their origins which was something very different from that of the 616 universe. Much less grim as well seeing how they didn’t have that uphill fight to find their purpose as well. They were a great addition to give Miles some time to breathe and maybe even see that he’s not alone. What we can expect is to hopefully see the rest of their story in the following issue.

Overall it was a balanced issue between the fight between Cloak and Dagger vs. Bombshell and Gwen trying to get Miles to suit up. It does well to make you question what it will take to push him to be Spider-Man again because while the fight that broke loose wasn’t much to give him reason, you know that something bigger is coming his way in which he will have to make a choice.

Score: 7.9/10